Re: Finishing Rosewood table

From: George Utley
Date: 18 Jul 1999
Time: 00:51:11
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Brian, you're right about rosewood not taking SOME stains well. I typically use a stain (powder form) dissolved in alcohol for a number of reasons. 1- I get better and more uniform absorption of the stain. 2- there's no pigment (as in oil based stains) to 'muddy' the colors. If you like the color you have, however, and the stain is just uneven, sand it down and apply a coat of thinned shellac before you stain again. Thin regular shellac 3:1 with denatured alcohol. This will seal the wood to a uniform (more or less) absorption rate, and eliminate any blotchiness in your previous effort. The powder stains I mentioned are available from any good refinishing supply company, including vandykes.com on the web. They offer a free catalog you'll probably find useful. If I haven't covered your problem, email me at GTU@buggs.net