Re: Pocket Doors: How do they work? So I can fix 'em?

From: Jim Cole
Date: 02 Jul 1999
Time: 20:52:48
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Most older pocket doors are suspended form an overhead track which is concealed in the header and runs back into the walls. The majority of them have about 2-3" wheels that have an adjusment screw that can be turned by inserting a screw driver or wrench up the side of the door when it is closed. Try shining a flashlight into the crack between the door and the overhead trim to locate them. Usually they can be taken down by lifting them straight up about an inch or two a pushing back away from the track then letting the door down until the wheels clear the track. It would be a good idea to oil the axles while you are working on the doors. A word of caution these old doors are usually very heavy find a couple good strong helpers.