Re: heywood wakefield table

From: Jim Cole
Date: 01 Jul 1999
Time: 21:42:57
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I like the Trans Tints made and sold by Homestead. Email: jbjewitt@gwis.com. If you are planning to take them to a professional I would not strip them first. Many shops will not accept pieces stripped by others as it is very easy to leave them contaminated with wax or silicone. At least check with the shop you plan to use before stripping. It could save you a lot of time. A good finisher should be able to match the original color with no difficulty even if he is not familiar with the original finish. NC is pretty much NC with only slight variations in % solids and thinners used. I'm sure any shop will have one they like and more importantly are used to using. If you have any more questions fire away and I'll try to answer them