old bedroom set

From: Ron
Date: 27 Jun 1999
Time: 02:25:14
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I am new to all this as well a this web site, so bear with me. My wife and I were just given a bedroom set from a friend who estimates the age to be about 100 years old. It belonged to her father who recently passed away. His parents had given it to him and his wife. The set includes bed, original spring, lamp stands, lamps, and dresser with mirror. The dresser has a one inch thick marble type top instead of wood. The casters are white and of a ceramic type material. The head board is 7' - 6" high and mostly hand carved. The top of the mirror frame on the dresser matches the carving on the head board. I am not positive of the wood type yet but it looks like Walnut.

My first question is, should I even think about refinishing it? Will it take away the value if I do? They are all solid pieces of furniture but do have scratches and wear marks from things having been banged against them now and then. The finish is not by any means excellent in my estimation for whatever that is worth, but due to the age I would expect it to be like it is.

Next question is, if refinishing would devalue it, which we do not want, should we just clean it and if so what with?

Next question is, can just some of the scratches be repaired by someone like me? I have some experience in finishing but not restoring. I have my own cabinet shop but almost everything I stain is new or if it is old has never been this critical?


Found this web site in the Wood Shop News.