Old Fireplace mantels

From: Sherry
Date: 16 Jun 1999
Time: 15:25:00
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Someone please help. I have never restored old furniture! I'm buying my Grandparents house, in the attic were two Fireplace Mantels. They've already been stripped, but seem dry to me. The mantels came out of my GGrandparents home, who got them out of an antebellum home here in Mobile. My Grandmother said they've been in the attic about 30 years! I would love to use these in the renovation of my Grandparents home, but don't know where to start. I've called to have estimates done on having them done, and to tell the truth the quotes scared the heck out of me! Other than the dryness, I don't see any other problems, no cracks or breaks. There are a few very LARGE nails drove into them in some places, but I would just use wood putty for this, correct? I hate to seem so dumb, but I really do want to use these, but to tell the truth after having new cielings, carpet, paneling and wood floors restored and etc, I'm starting to run short of money. I feel these are a part of my children's heritage, and would love for them to be able to enjoy them later.