Re: paint removal from circ. 1800 stickback windsor chairs

From: Jim Cole
Date: 15 Jun 1999
Time: 21:25:22
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Hmm. That one can be lots of work and fun to play with. Much of the old "paint" on pieces like this is not paint at all, but a combination of stains and dyes with a clear coat over them or not depending on the mood of the maker that day. Your best aproach is going to be to try some of the availabel strippers on the market and see which if any will let you remove the over paint while preserving the original. If you can't find a stripper to do it try a 50/50 mix of lacquer thinner and denatured alcohol. This will strip most paints, but only very slowly and you can control how much you take off at a pass. If you use the 50/50 mix work in WELL ventilated area and wear safety goggles and gloves.