Hardwood dresser - removing laminate from top?

From: settle@seadas.gsfc.nasa.gov
Date: 05 Jun 1999
Time: 16:21:10
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Hi, I found a hardwood dresser that I'm considering trying to refinish. It probably is not considered an 'antique'. It has BASSET marked inside the drawers. Maybe there is a better web-site for this type of question? At any rate, the only problem is that the top has some kind of formica? laminate on it. I don't know if someone put this on or if it was manufactured like this. It looks like the top is a picee of hardwood about an inch thick, the laminate being about 1/16 or 1/8 inch thick. Is there any way to remove this laminate? Can it be sanded or heated?

Thanks in adance, Karen