Re: Restoring Painting on Furniture

From: Jim Cole
Date: 18 May 1999
Time: 22:01:23
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There are no magic potions to restore the colors of the paintings on your furniture. Two things have probably happpened the paint has faded and the finish over it has darkened with age and dirt accumaltion. You can remove the finish or part of it to brighten up the painting, but you must be very careful not to take the paint with it. I use a mix of lacquer thinner and denatured alcohol for this keep the surface horizontal wet it with 00 Steel wool dipped in the mix and squeezed out until it quits dripping and wipe off with paper towel. You need to try this on a non critical area first to see how fas the fnish dissolves. Wear Gloves and work in very well vented area. The vapors are dangerous to you and very flammable.