Molded plaster frame

From: G. Jolly
Date: 25 Mar 1999
Time: 12:36:07
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I would like to repair and stabilize a mirror frame that consists of molded plaster (?) on a wooden base. A piece of the molding has broken off, and there are many narrow cracks 1/2-1 inch apart all around the frame. The corners are separating, and the molding there is chipped. The finish is a red undercoat with a worn and dulled gilt over that. The mirror is in pretty good condition. At some time, several grocery bags were cut open and glued to the back. I have not tried to remove those, so I don't know what the back looks like. 1: What do I use to reattach the molding that has broken off? 2: How do I repair the corners? 3: How do I handle the finish? 4: What do I do about the many small cracks? Thank you for any advice.