musty smell in wood furniture

From: Chris
Date: 09 Mar 1999
Time: 01:05:35
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Around Thanksgiving I bought an oak buffet (or server?) that was said to be from the 1920s. I use it in the dining room. It has that musty smell that I love so much in antique stores but I'm not so crazy about it in my house! It's not terribly strong but it's there. I wiped down the inside of the piece with a rag I'd dunked in bleach-and-water, and I left the doors and drawers open to air out for several days before putting dishes and tablecloths inside. But after three months the smell is still there. How can I eliminate the smell? (What about the new odor-eliminating product called Febreeze? It's labeled only for fabrics. Would it work on wood, and would it harm the wood?) Thank you!