re-upholstering a chesterfield

From: Ana Espinosa
Date: 21 Feb 1999
Time: 21:13:44
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I am restoring what I believe is an Edwardian chesterfield (c.1900)because of its frame construction and the actual upholstery. The problem is that while I was taking the upholstery off I discovered two different older fabrics (cotton based, floral patterns) and also the top rails have incisions (openings), which it meant that originally it could have been buttoned- upholstered (Victorian upholstery). Please could you tell me what type of upholstery is more appropiate and better in value? Do you think that the chesterfield have been in a trancsition period Victorian-Edwardian? (the frame does not present sign of heavy tacking- other restoration processes-) Is it possible that the maker left the frame with openings to offer different choices of upholstery? Thank you